Saturday, 20 July 2013

Some dooodless.

Here's a bunch of pages from my sketchbook, of things I've been doodling during the first month of my summer holidays (Mainly trees and heads). Using dip-pen and ink, Artline fine-liners and blue pencils..

I started working on an idea for a layout/illustration based on 'Summer' but never followed it through to the end - maybe it's because it's too heavily inspired from my FMP work from last year.


Pretty sure that tent in the top right corner is inspired by one in 'The Emperor's New Groove'.

I *might* have been watching Scott Pilgrim...?

 Also, just the beginnings of a head.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I'm as chuffed as a...

(..Since I've heard they're often a pretty pleased sort of cake.)

Because I finally found a Coca-Cola bottle with my name on it! 

..Oh yeah, and also because I passed my first year of animation.

Bring on the second year! And also maybe some cheesecake, please.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Here's a bird.

Nicked from my previous post, but this heat is making it difficult to sleep!

Late night animal doodles

So I watched Disney's 'The Emperor's New Groove' at 2am the other day, and it put me in the mood to draw animals. That giraffe was actually intended to be a llama - then I realised I wasn't actually sure what a llama looked like off the top of my head (and Kuzco in his llama form is a bit kooky looking as llamas go!).

Yeah, don't give me that look, zebra.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Tennis head-gear.

Watching the tennis (on television) has really given me something that I enjoy drawing. And given that my Dad keeps stating exactly what he thinks of "grown-men who wear their caps backwards", I got to doodling some of the sorts of head-gear tennis players wear..

(Not supposed to be any tennis player(s) in particular)

Thus, more digital colouring-in..