Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Baseball Animation

There comes a point when you remember that you claim to be an animator and then realise there's actually very little animation on your blog.

So here's my first shot for the baseball project we're doing at university.

Gravity Falls Addiction.

Here's part of a drawing I did of my housemates as Gravity Falls characters, this is Seb and Iona. I did this about a month ago when I was on a serious Gravity Falls kick one weekend and watched the first season at least three times. I'll get round to finishing and colouring it when I get a spare moment.
Also, here's some really quick layout studies I did from watching the show. The style is gorgeous!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Cold? Psh.

I am literally the cosiest I have ever been after opening the package that arrived from my parents this morning. - Hint that you're freezing - get tons of cosy clothes - Lovely.

Cheers Mum and Dad!

Thursday, 14 November 2013


All the prop and model making for my part of the baseball project is pretty much done now..

(Stop-Motion) Steve is excited.

Next challenge: testing and finished animation by thursday.


Prop Sculpting

These little guys are the first props I've made for the film I'm currently working on, it's been pretty cool taking them all the way from initial concept to actual production.


Here's a quick 15-minute piece from tonight:
Just trying to figure out some poses for a potential background character.. As you can see I'm going for all the obvious stereotypes with this guy.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sculpting Day

Today was awesome.

I spent the day working on my lil dude for the baseball exercise we're doing at uni.
Granted, I ended up going a little backwards - my model from last week had his arms, legs, mouth, and head removed at different points throughout the day. But now he's stronger, more flexible and ready to animate!

Complete with two sets of replaceable arms, and about seven different "OO" "B" and smile mouth shapes.

 Also, here's a prototype I made for the set earlier this week:

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

119 Faces..

..That's how many I've drawn today in life-drawing sessions!

Today I attempted to work in the style of this really awesome character designer from Laika - Jesse Aclin, I've been admiring his work on instagram for a while now. Granted, my drawings really lack in a number of ways compared to his awesome natural style, but I still had fun! It's definitely a style I'm going to try and work into my own drawings :-)

Most of these drawings are of my class-mates, rather than the models, but they pull some brilliant faces when they're drawing!

They're all in dip-pen and ink..