Thursday, 20 June 2013

The degree sure is paying off...

Somehow I always manage to get roped into doing 'artistic' things for members of my family. Tonight's endeavour was none other than a icing-sugar cake-topper replica of the school that my Mum works at to celebrate 60 years of the school occupying the building - apparently there's always a reason for cake!

Nightmare. "Do a lovely painting of it in food colouring" - was the direction of my Mum. Simple. Urgh, totally not my thing, I knew it'd end up a wishy-washy mess and whenever I agree (I use the word 'agree' lightly, I definitely don't remember being given a choice in this one!) to do something, the perfectionist in me always comes out.  

Also, I saw it as an opportunity to work on my line-drawing skills to some extent. 

Which was all fun and games until I looked up and realised it was 10pm and I needed both sleep and to get this done for my Mum for tomorrow.

So there it is ^ As mentioned before I claim to be a perfectionist, and it irks me strongly how there's some very obvious faults in it. But it's going to be eaten in less than 24 hours, and as fun as the first 4 hours of sugar paste and icing is, it starts to wear thin when you've got sugar in your hair, I'm now a sticky sleepy young animation student. It's almost 2am, so, time for bed Zebedee!

Also, this was the mess I left for my Mum to clean up tomorrow as payment..

Only joking, it's squeaky clean. Not a sticky surface in sight :-)

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