Saturday, 25 May 2013

Developing my layout idea

The following pages from my sketchbook are taken from over the past month to the present as I ran with my favourite idea of the three - a dark castle where a guy cloned people - figuring out everything from what is going to be in my layout, to what angle and position the camera is going to be in.

On one of the pages in my initial sketches I painted a square and later went back and doodled a jar with an eye in it, I really liked the way to came out so I explored that some more. I also found myself hitting a wall with the layout and ended up forcing myself to look at all kinds of images (everything from HBO's Game of Thrones to Dreamworks Rise of the Guardians) to try get out of the rut - it worked. 

These were me going off on a serious tangent - I looked at a lot of the concept art in the art book for Dreamwork's Rise of the Guardians and fell absolutely in love with some of the really dark stuff - I love Santa's studio in it too! I showed my ideas to my housemate after and he pointed out how much it reminded him of the interior of the 2005 Tardis in Doctor Who.. Awesome, the Tardis designs looked really cool, but I wasn't sure that it was the direction I ultimately wanted to head in.

More explorations of where things would be placed and where the camera would be - Because there is a hole in the ceiling in the previous drawings I experimented with placing the camera above that space.

I love the cloning tanks and the figures in these two right-hand pages above. They're something I really want to refrain from sacrificing in my final layout if I can help it.

I showed my ideas to one of my lecturers and we discussed that this guy who clones people would have a serious god-complex. He probably wouldn't be hiding in a cave experimenting on his subjects - instead he'd be working in a grand studio, something that resembled churches and biblical settings. So I had to start thinking about drawing big, not tiny little caves but big grand studios, with arches and huge windows - the chequered floor is something that everyone I have discussed my ideas with has said should stay, and it's seriously helping my create the illusion of perspective - so it remains.

More camera angle sketches, I really like the little doodle mid-left of the cloning tanks - I like the idea of them being the congregation to what this guy is doing in the distance.

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