Thursday, 30 May 2013

Getting back on the graphics tablet thangg.

After handing in my essay at the start of the week I've been able to finally focus solely on my layout project (rejoice!), which also meant having to quickly reaquaint myself with my beloved graphics tablet that served me so well all the way back in my GCSEs and BTEC, really it's one of my oldest friends (techology-wise it is Paul McCartney - old but still great).. Anyway, turns out I had managed to forget some of it, and I did hit that I-can't-do-this wall a few hours ago, and it's only now (at 00:49am - now, friday morning (yikes)) that I've started to get back into the flow.

Anyway, after numerous "development" drafts and redrafts of my final idea I've final settled (I think) and started to paint it:

.. That's a little bit of it, still got a lotttt of work to do to make it less fluffy and blurry, but it's finally heading somewhere.. sort of.

Also, I'm excited because my parents will be in Bournemouth in less than 11 hours (eep!).

And also I'm currently dressed in my Totoro poncho that arrived earlier today..

.. And I'm currently feeling the bite of eating too much Nutella-spread-inside-Oreos, so sleep, what is sleep right now?


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